Expect a Big Bang this Fall. Some of us will see the flash immediately, but all will feel the force afterwards.

Going long: power reduction techniques in OS X Mavericks will make it into iOS (eventually). Insanely great battery life. Enough that you generally won’t think about it anymore.
Adaptive/Predictive resource management is groundwork for smart user services, as is location-awareness in App Store.

802.11ac: bandwidth, range

Going deep, not flat. Visual simplicity for a purpose – effective layering in the UI.

Wish they’d used cover flow for app / window manager

Lock screen as shown, most like Android, least to my taste. But will be customizable to fix.

Smooth flight: AirDrop gives bump-less Social

Siri say hello to Appification of the car & goodbye to clunky dashboard user interfaces. Mobile hotspot

Dude – Where’s my computer? Everywhere:
Full screen apps & menu bar on multiple screens, including Apple TV (and car dash display)

Hello security & ubiquity. Goodbye password guidelines & captchas. Easy flow between domains.

Map from computer to phone to car.